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Where to get your kitten from and likely expenses

An animal shelter is a great place to find a kitten for rehoming. Shelters are often inundated with unwanted kittens during kitten season in spring and summer, although many rescue centres will have kittens all year round. Kittens from shelters should have been checked by a vet, microchipped and desexed so they’ll be all ready to take home.

Prior to adopting a kitten, visit all the kittens in the shelter and learn more about their backgrounds. Unlike adult cats, kittens can adapt well to a new home and environment but it’s still important for you to find out if their personalities will fit in with your home and lifestyle. Interact with the kittens if you are able to and find out if they have any existing medical conditions.

Kitten breeders

Kittens from breeders can be in high demand so they are often assigned new homes even before they are born. Be sure to pay the breeder a visit and request to meet the parents of the kitten. This will help you determine if they are a reputable breeder and that the kitten you hope to rehome is healthy. If you can meet the kitten before rehoming them, check that they are in good health and that they are sociable.

Kitten costs

Wherever you get your kitten from, be sure not to rush into a decision. Make sure your home is all ready to receive a kitten and that you have worked out how much it costs to care for a kitten and that you can afford it.

There will be a small adoption fee if you decide to rehome a rescue kitten, whereas a kitten obtained from a breeder could come with a high price tag. Other expenses to consider include cat food, toys, bowls, beds, vet bills and pet insurance.

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