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Kitten Care

Training a kitten to use a litter tray

Whether you are going to keep your kitten as an indoor-only pet or you’re going to let them have access to the outdoors once they have had their vaccinations, you will need to train your kitten to use a litter tray as they will need to stay indoors for a while when you first bring them home.

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Comprehensive guide to caring for a kitten

If you are considering rehoming a kitten, here are a few things to consider before you make the commitment.

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Exercise tips for kittens

Kittens are bundles of energy and will have no trouble getting enough exercise on their own. However, at this young age, it’s a good idea to guide their play to help them navigate your home safely and avoid developing aggressive habits.

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Microchipping your kitten

June is National Microchipping Month, so we thought we’d look at the different benefits of getting your kitten microchipped.

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Your kitten – what to expect from 8 weeks to 8 months of age

Between the ages of 8 weeks and 8 months a kitten will need specific care at certain times. We’ve outlined what you can expect.

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Letting your kitten outside for the first time

The outside world is an exciting place for an adventurous kitten, so it’s important to let them outside for the first time under controlled conditions. You want to be sure they won’t run off the minute they step out of the door.

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Potential dangers to kittens in the home

Kittens are very curious creatures and like to explore the world around them, sometimes in quite a boisterous way. As such, it’s important to ensure your home is free of dangers.

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How to keep your kitten in good health

Keeping your kitten in good health will ensure they live a long and happy life. Take a look at these top tips to help get you started.

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Introducing a new kitten to your cat

Introducing a new kitten is always easier than introducing a new adult cat, as it is less likely the current cat will see the kitten as competition for their resources. Also, kittens are still learning and developing body language and have not begun to protect their territory; they are generally very adaptable and learn easily.

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Making your home kitten-friendly and kitten-proof

If you are planning on adopting or buying a kitten, it’s important to prepare your home prior to their arrival. Choose a room in the house that you can confine the kitten to initially. This should be a quiet room that doesn’t get used often by family members or other pets in your home.

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Equipment you may need for your new kitten

Before bringing a new kitten home it’s essential to obtain all the right equipment you might need to care for them properly. Take a look at our checklist to make sure that you are ready for your new arrival.

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How to choose a healthy kitten

When looking for a kitten to rehome, take the time to visit the kitten to inspect its condition to ensure they are in good health. Here are a few things to consider.

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Where to get your kitten from and likely expenses

An animal shelter is a great place to find a kitten for rehoming. Shelters are often inundated with unwanted kittens during kitten season in spring and summer, although many rescue centres will have kittens all year round. Kittens from shelters should have been checked by a vet, microchipped and desexed so they’ll be all ready to take home.

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