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How Sure Petcare products can support your cat’s feeding routine

Cats have a natural instinct to graze on their food throughout the day rather than eat two or three set meals per day. Here’s how Sure Petcare products can help you to support your cat to feed the way they want to.

Feeding times

Graze-feeding is a natural, healthy way for a cat to feed and if allowed to feed in this way, cats will eat when they chose. This might cause you some concern if your cat doesn’t eat their food as soon as you put it down for them. You might just be serving their food at a time that is outside of their feeding routine. Your cat might prefer to eat in the early hours when you’re still in bed or in the middle of the day when you’re at work.

Noticing changes

Cats will often stick to a feeding routine. Any changes to their routine could mean they have developed an illness, or something is distressing them. If they often eat when you are not around, this can make it very difficult to know if there are any changes to their routine. The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect records how often your cat feeds and how much they eat at each sitting. Graphs in the Sure Petcare app give you an overview of their feeding routine so that you can start to notice patterns and easily see if there are any changes. This gives you the chance to investigate your cat’s health sooner than you otherwise might.

Keeping food fresh

It’s likely that you won’t be around throughout the day to serve lots and lots of small meals to meet your cat’s desire to graze, so you need a way to keep the food fresh, particularly wet food, if it takes your cat several hours to eat it all. All of our SureFeed products have a lid that closes onto a sealed bowl to keep food fresher. This keeps food palatable for your pet and reduces the amount of food you waste.

Fast-eating cats

If your cat eats all of their food in one go twice a day when you put their bowl down for them, you might be thinking that your cat isn’t interested in graze-feeding. However, your cat might want to want to graze without you realising, but an external factor is preventing them from doing so. If you have more than one pet and the other pets are stealing your cat’s food, your cat might eat all of their food in one go for fear that another pet will steal it. Give your cat a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder so that they can have exclusive access to their food. We have found that some cats that used to eat all their food in one go began to graze-feed once they started using one of our feeders because they soon realised that no one else could eat their food.

Cats might also eat all their food in one go if the neighbour’s cat is gaining access to their home or if they do not have a cat flap and they have to wait for you to open the door to let them in or out. If a cat can’t access their food bowl whenever they choose, they might eat all their food as soon as it’s served because they don’t know when they will next have access to it. Install a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap to keep intruder cats out of your home away from your cat’s food and to allow your cat to come and go freely and have access to their food at the times of their choosing.  

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