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The Askew family

Cat loses weight thanks to Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

Justine has two cats, Chase and Dora. Chase requires medication and has trouble with his weight, so he has been using a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect.

We got in touch with Justine to find out how the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect is helping to ensure only he can access the medicine in his food and how it has helped him to lose weight.

Has the feeder solved any particular issues that you previously experienced?

Yes, controlling Chase's medication and weight management. Having two cats means that previously there was a danger of Dora consuming Chase's medicine. We are now able to ensure that Chase has the correct dose and we benefit from the peace of mind that he is getting what he needs, and Dora is not also consuming the medicine. It also means that we can leave the medicine in his food for when he chooses to eat rather than us forcing it.

Has the feeder given you an insight into Chase’s feeding habits?

Chase and Dora the catsYes, Chase eats too much! We are now able to measure exactly what Chase is eating which has already resulted in progression towards his required weight loss. The feeder has enabled us to keep better measure of food and Chase has lost weight as a result.

Does the feeder make you feel more connected to Chase?

Yes, definitely. We have a better understanding of how Chase likes to feed. We can see that he likes to eat frequently and can therefore apportion food appropriately with smaller, more regular portions. We have also been able to establish that given the choice, he has a preference for wet vs dry food.

Are you using the single bowls, or the half bowls?

I’m using the two half bowls to serve wet and dry food.

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with the app most?

Every day. I usually check the summary in the evening.

Is there any area of the app that you have used most?

I check the total amount that Chase has eaten the most.

Do you find the notifications useful, and if so, why?

Yes, it's a reminder of how regularly Chase eats!

Have you shared access to the app with anyone such as friends, family or pet sitters?

Yes, my husband.

Would you recommend the product?


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