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The Jarvis family

Addictive Animo gives owner insight into pet’s sleep and activity

Donna has been using Animo, our new activity and behaviour monitor for dogs on her schnauzer Marley for the last three months. We got in touch with Donna to find out how it’s given her an extra insight into her dog’s behaviour.

Marley Animo case studyAnimo has made Donna more aware of Marley’s activity and behaviour. “It’s actually quite addictive,” she said, commenting on the app. She interacts with the app two or three times a day, normally in the morning and in the evening. When Donna syncs Animo, she generally looks at Marley’s sleep quality and activity levels. “It’s nice to wake up in the morning and see the sleep data,” she said. Animo tracks a dog’s sleep quality during the night to help an owner determine if their dog is getting a good night’s sleep. If poor quality sleep is detected, this gives owners an insight they wouldn’t normally have, allowing them to investigate what might be affecting their dog’s sleep.

Donna’s close friend and former lodger Shiv has a key to her property. Shiv will often look in on Marley and thanks to Animo, Donna will know when Shiv has taken him out for a walk while she’s at work, because once synced, Animo’s app will display when Marley was last walked. Therefore, Donna will sometimes discover Shiv has taken Marley for a walk even before speaking to her when she gets home and syncs Animo.

Marley has had no problems wearing Animo. Before the trial he didn’t wear a collar, so Donna put a collar on him a couple of weeks before the trial to get him used to wearing one. When she added Animo to Marley’s collar, it didn’t seem to bother him at all. “The mechanism is really secure,” Donna said. “I have never worried about it falling off.”

Based on her experience, Donna said she would recommend Animo to friends and family.

In the Jarvis home...

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