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How the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect can keep your cat healthy this Christmas

Christmas is a busy time of year with lots going on so it’s important that your cat still has the right level of care and stays healthy whilst you’re preparing for the big day. The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect can help with this. Here’s how:

When was your cat last fed?

In a busy household, it can be hard to keep track of who has fed the cat, especially when everyone has so many other jobs on the list during the festive period. The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect records when the bowl was last filled so that your cat doesn’t accidentally get fed twice by different members of the household.

Changes to feeding habits

Changes to your cat’s feeding habits could be an indication that they have become unwell. The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect tracks your cat’s feeding habits over time so that during the busy festive period, you can easily spot if any changes occur.

Keep track of feeding while you’re away

If you are going away for Christmas, the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect can give you peace of mind that your cat is being well cared for while you are away. You’ll be able to see when their bowl has been filled and when they eat from the feeder all from your smartphone. You can even give your cat sitter access to the Sure Petcare app so that they too can keep an eye on your cat feeding habits.

Prevent food theft

If you have multiple cats, ensuring each cat can only access their own food can help to control diets, prevent obesity and ensure prescription food is eaten by the right pet. The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect only opens for a registered cat’s microchip to keep other pets out.

Portion control

Whilst you might be overindulging over the Christmas period, it’s important to ensure that your cat gets fed the right amount of food to help them stay healthy. The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect has integrated scales that allow you to set the portion size within the app. When you fill your cat’s bowl, LEDs guide you to serve the correct weight of food every time.

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