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Where is the best place to install a cat flap?

It can be difficult to find the right place to install a cat flap as you are often limited by the construction of your house. Thankfully, many cat flaps have been designed to be installed in doors, windows or walls, giving you more opportunities to install it in a place that is suited to you and your cat.

Help your cat feel secure

Cat flaps can be a point of vulnerability for your pet. Whilst the back door might be the obvious place to install a cat flap, you need to consider how the layout of your garden might affect your cat, as they hate feeling exposed when they leave the house. There are more opportunities for them to be ambushed by other cats or predators if your back door leads to an open lawn or patio. If you have nowhere else to install your cat flap but the back door, try concealing the cat flap with garden furniture or plant pots to give your cat something to hide behind when going in and out of the house.

If your home has a side alley, this could be a great place to install a cat flap because it would create a more concealed exit and entrance for your pet. However, make sure there are no elevated perches near the cat flap, such as fences or roofs where a neighbour’s cat could ambush them from.

Multiple cat flaps

Cats are territorial animals. They will often patrol their territory, visiting key spots on a circular route. Consider installing more than one cat flap so that your cat can move through his territory freely. Also, multiple entry points will give your cat more chances to enter his home quickly if something frightens him.

Cat flap height

Install your cat flap at a height that is comfortable for your pet, by measuring the height of his stomach from the floor. If your door, window or wall restricts the height that you can install your cat flap, consider positioning steps on either side or installing it elsewhere if the height is too low.

Cat-friendly garden

A cat flap will give your cat the freedom to come and go as he pleases and he will be more inclined to use it if you make your garden enticing. Take a look at our tips for creating a cat-friendly garden for more information.

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